I don’t really want to talk about this hack, but I CAN believe that he is glad Gustav will stike the Gulf region because it will throw a wrench in the Republican convention.  Anyway, see it for yourself.


Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco?

August 30, 2008

What makes wide outs tick?  Admittedly, as a high school WR, I could be a bit of an attention whore.  I always wanted the ball, and was unhappy when it wasn’t coming my way.  I guess this is that, writ large.  The man has freaky skills, but no sense.  I’m still gonna’ call him Chad, though.

Gateway Pundit is all over this from Charles Johnson.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

Update: LGF says it’s not anybody connected officially to Obama, just some cat smearing away.

This is good news.  Quietly, we may be abandoning or enviro-craziness.  Don’t get me wrong, we should, and must, pursue “green” energy initiatives.  But nuclear and hydro-carbons are where it’s at, right now.  We need to use what resources we have available, while determining the most cost efficient alternatives for the future.  Wind and solar sound good at the moment, but I also didn’t hear any negatives when the push for bio-fuels began several years ago, and look at what that did to food prices.

Ramesh Ponnuru is a buzz-kill.  He raises good points, but overall misses the mark on Palin. 

  1. Obama can’t raise the experience issue.  To be sure, there are many that will raise it for him.  But to think that being a Senator for less than four years makes him ready to be CIC is absurd.  The same can be said for Palin, but I’ll take a first term Gov. over a first term Senator any day.  (Also, how can a party, and main stream media, that considered Tim Kaine a serious VP pick, now attack Palin for lack of experience?)
  2. On the tokenism issue, he may be correct.  BUT, the Democrats have played identity politics for the better part of forty years.  Now, its being played against them, and better, too.  They wrote the rules, and now they’re complaining because they’re being used against them.
  3. On the compatability front, anybody who can’t get along with someone who looks like Palin, probably should have his man card revoked.
  4. I, too, was worried about the debates.  Biden, for all his bluster and hack politics, is a hell of an attack dog.  I was worried she would get steamrolled.  Then I saw her interview with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC last night.  If she goes into the debates and speaks like she did there, not only will she win, Biden will pale in comparison. 

Oops.  Steve Job’s is very much alive, although he DOES look terrible (owing to his illness).  It appears as though this is just a run of the mill accident, but it’s terribly embarrassing for all involved.  Let’s hope Steve sticks around for a long, long time.

Obama and the Leviathan

August 28, 2008

Reason mag on Barack and Big Gov.

Anyone partial to free markets, restrained government, fiscal discipline and light taxation approaches a Democratic nominee’s economic platform with trepidation, expecting one fright after another. Obama does not disappoint.

Should we fear teh Barry?  I dunno, but you’d better watch what you say