Carolina Panthers Wack the Chargers

September 7, 2008

Defense looked solid as it contained, for the most part, LT.  The Delhomme, Stewart, Williams triple monster reminded me of days of old.  Maybe the Cardiac Cats are back…Though that pass to Rosario as time expired was complete luck.  Bookmakers had Carolina as a 9 point underdog.  Chicago’s up next week, then Steve Smith returns in week 3.


3 Responses to “Carolina Panthers Wack the Chargers”

  1. keith Says:

    you need to add the addition of a kicker who can kick the crap out of the ball into the end zone and even out of the end zone. I wish we had him in the superbowl, and if you are a panther fan like me you know what i am talking about.

  2. mountainshout Says:

    No doubt, keith. I don’t want to lay all the blame at kasey’s feet, because he did what he could. The defense SHOULD have held that drive, though. Alas, water under the bridge…Maybe this year’s the year, though.

  3. keith Says:

    I have never understood why more teams won’t pay a kicker to do what lloyd did for carolina on sunday. I hope that he can keep upp those kicks all year. He did have a funky wobbly kick luckily they muffed that one.

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