December 30, 2009

It’s been a long time but my batteries are recharged and I’m ready to go.  I let this go by the wayside because I simply didn’t have the time to putter around a keyboard all day, but the upcoming election and the stupidity of our current domestic direction is enfuriating. 

Obama and the entire sorry Congress pisses me off.  Happy New Year to all.  The fight starts anew.


One More Bird Flu Death

January 22, 2009

Wonderful.  I suppose the fact that the ChiComs and their bureaucratic goodness are sitting on a complete jack-up-my-universe pandemic should inspire me with all kinds of hope.  And maybe change. 

On the bright side, should an outbreak worthy of Dustin Hoffman occur, at least we can count on our comrades to the east to put a bullet in the heads of those insolent bastards.

Hopey-Changey Stuff

January 22, 2009

Do YOU have skills?  Are you a construction worker?  Most importantly, are you WHITE? 

If you are a combination of any of the above, f’get about Big O stimulus money.  Awesome.  Though I see what Reich is driving at.

This sounds like SUCH a new, refreshing idea.  

Good Stuff From Marie Freeman

September 14, 2008

Not mine, but that of gifted local photog, Marie Freeman.  Check out her photoblog, Blue Ridge Blog, for more like this.  Note the irony…

Rescuing Those Trapped by Ike

September 14, 2008

You get the call to leave and you’d better leave.  Electricity may be down for a month.  Wonderful. 

“What’s really frustrating is that we can’t get to them,” Galveston police officer Tommie Mafrei said. “It’s jeopardizing our safety when we try to tell them eight hours before to leave. They are naive about it, thinking it’s not going to be that bad.”



129 is an awesome road, though dangerous at times.  If you can hit it on a weekday morning, do it.  But weekends, afternoons and anytime in the fall or summer might not be a good call.  Glad it’s getting some love in the times, though.  For all things Dragon,

Freddie P’s Trial Postponed

September 12, 2008

Get this guy in a cell or a chair and let us forget about him.  What he did to the Hudler and Miller families is inexcusable.  What could possess someone to murder three, innocent men in cold blood?  Do what you need to get this one in the books and then let the hack rot.