Barry Determined to Gaffe his way to the Finish

August 26, 2008

Barack Obama has made his worst strategic move of his campaign so far in trying to have an ad questioning his association with Bill Ayers pulled. 

  1. Why would you take something that barely rumbled through the net, and put your stamp on it?  His attempts to squash the ad GIVE them legitimacy.
  2. Attack machines far and wide are thrilled by his aggressive stance on these ads.  In trying to be the anti-Kerry, there is the potential that he gets dragged from his Messiah perch, down to the level of mere mortal.
  3. He should have been more forthright from the beginning with Wright, Ayers, and Rezko.  He never should have played these as if they were only simple associations or acquaintances.  An approach that would have saved him in the long run would have been to admit that these cats were all insane, and to clearly delineate himself from said insanity. 

Instead, we’ve got tickets to the best show in the house.  Michelle Malkin and our own Thunder Pig have more.

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