One More Bird Flu Death

January 22, 2009

Wonderful.  I suppose the fact that the ChiComs and their bureaucratic goodness are sitting on a complete jack-up-my-universe pandemic should inspire me with all kinds of hope.  And maybe change. 

On the bright side, should an outbreak worthy of Dustin Hoffman occur, at least we can count on our comrades to the east to put a bullet in the heads of those insolent bastards.


Yao Must Learn the Word No

August 11, 2008

Yao Ming has always been a rock.  The man goes to work, and never complains.  Now, its time to.  Sometimes, the hardest thing is saying no.

No Superpower for You

July 30, 2008

Bruce Sterling says that our imperialist Chinese overlords may not make it this century.  Via Cyberhillbilly.  Maybe they need to get on some baby making…

Great news, via Forbes.  I’ve actually heard rumblings that Chinese labor is too expensive, so Chinese factories are being built in Vietnam.