More on Republicans Shrinking the Congressional Gap

September 12, 2008

There’s an old saying on the ‘street that goes, “When they’re cryin’, you should be buyin, and when they’re yellin’, you better get to sellin’.” 

The thing about America is that we like brash, bold and outlandish.  We also like those qualities to be tempered with grace, humility, and a workman-like pride.  Nancy Pelosi’s House and Harry’s Senate just hasn’t embraced those qualities.  They aren’t bold, or brash since they’ve worried little about getting anything of substance accomplished (even THEIR stated goals; ending the war, healthcare reform), though they have been outlandish (who could forget Murtha and his Haditha failings?). 

Humility and grace?  Workman-like pride?  Forget it.  Nancy knows that her district, and her seat, are the safest in the House.  She can be as bat-shit crazy as she wants, because she knows her ticket is punched.  Good luck working with that….

At any rate, the Wall Stree Journal has thoughts here

Something happened on the way to September.

It was in July that Chris Van Hollen, head of the Democrats’ House campaign operation, predicted this year would prove “another big-wave election” for his party — a repeat of 2006 when Democrats gained 31 seats. Barack Obama’s “50-state strategy” was supposed to secure both the White House and blowout gains in Congress. At the recent Democratic convention, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer bragged his party had 75 pick-up opportunities.

Or maybe not. Slowly, without much notice, the political landscape has changed. House Republicans are getting traction on issues like energy and reform, and a boost from a newly energized McCain-Palin ticket. An even bigger problem for Democrats is that Nancy Pelosi’s liberal governing has put her own vaunted freshmen at risk in their conservative districts.


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