The Roundup-August 22, 2008

August 22, 2008

  • Evidently, fire does melt steel.  Trust me, that’s not going to stop the “truffers”, though.  Hit google blogs and look at the purported experts that are “debunking” this latest NIST report. 
  • Kathryn Jean Lopez says Barry has a higher standard for VP than the real deal.  “Presidential candidate Barack Obama says his pick for a running mate — he’s made a decision but isn’t giving out a name just yet — had to meet three standards to join the Democratic ticket: Prepared to be president, able to help him govern and willing to challenge his thinking.”  Obviously, a wonderful fan has the kindness to correct her, in a wonderful, concise email.  “You stupid bitch!  Obama considers himself ready for president.”  That he does, that he does…
  • Althouse “goes there“, and dives deep, I might add, on yesterday’s Smearfest ’08 opening shots.  No, forget digging for solutions to our indebtedness, market solutions to our health care problems, Iraq, A-stan, or drilling and alternative energy.  Instead, we’ve boiled down to “I know you’re rich, but what am I!”  Uh, you’re rich Senator.  Both of you.”
  • I.O.U.S.A is here.  When people begin to realize the immensity of our debt, and how it will eventually relate to them, we’ll see less Obama and McCain type candidates, and more fiscally conservative ones.  Here’s to hoping…

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