The Roundup-August 18, 2008

August 18, 2008

Sorry about the lateness of posting, ladies and gents; it’s that time of year and I’m swamped…

  • Art Wolf lays down uber pwnage on the left’s intellectually lazy attack on Exxon profits.  I just love that word, pwnage!  Via CFG
  • Perdue and McCrory square off tommorrow night in their first televised debate.  I guess they waited for Michael Phelp’s domination to end.
  • What you expected Obama to take his ‘whooping’ at Saddleback quietly?  No, I’m now convinced John McCain is on some kind of performance enhancing drugs.  We need to test him, now.  I mean, there’s no way things like life experience and preparation can prepare a man for the kinds of ballbusting questions Rick Warren chunked at our favorite politicos.  He must be cheating…
  •   Perry de Havilland offers perspective on “hapless Russia”, and why we’re not entering the next cold war.
  • Bittersweet.  Musharaff calls it quits.  I have mixed feelings about this benevolent dictator.  Seemed reasonable enough, especially when dealing with us. 

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