Good Thoughts on the New Airborne Laser Weapon

August 17, 2008

Dale Amon has more about Boeing’s new “Ray Gun”.  Plus this…

 It is my belief he is being insufficiently creative when he imagines what such attacks would entail. One might take out a communications facility by targeting a turnbuckle on an antenna guy wire; or a power plant by blowing away a standoff and dropping a high voltage line onto others; or perhaps blowing a hole in an oil filled transformer. I can easily think of ways of disabling infrastructure with this device in ways that would leave enemy repair crews terribly puzzled.

One Response to “Good Thoughts on the New Airborne Laser Weapon”

  1. Paul Higginbotham Sr. Says:

    What is not understood by this mendicant, is atmospheric blooming. While in outer space a laser beam can be reduced to a pinpoint with unlimited power, here in the atmosphere, the beam will have to be inches wide to transmit through the atmosphere. As the beam gets wider, the time required for target destruction grows larger. As time lengthens, more people can observe anomalous effects of the heat beams passage, and jitter limits the distance. The diffraction is also limiting. The oil reservour draining would work well, as would the beam on the transmission wires themselves. I wish we could remove the power supplies to the centrifuges in Iran right now.

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