The Roundup-August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008

  • Georgia goes blank on Google maps.  Not good.  What could possibly be the purpose behind this?
  • Lance Fairchok thinks Georgia may signal the beginning of the next cold war.
  • Coalition forces have captured 9 Hezbollah brigade forces in Baghdad.  “Coalition forces, likely the special operations hunter-killer teams of Task Force 88, have captured nine Hezbollah Brigades operatives during three raids in the Adhamiyah district in Baghdad over the past 24 hours.”
  • Books critical of The One are rising on best seller lists.
  • Finally, that darned hockey-stick graph may be explained.  Brian Micklethwait’s got the whole thing.  When the science, and politics, are as complex as they are surrounding this subject, skepticism is best.  But this looks good…

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