NBC Drops the Ball

August 11, 2008

Anybody else notice the astute olympic commentators this weekend?  Michelle Malkin did. 

I annoyed all my friends on Saturday as we watched those eco-conscious wafers peddle their way around a not-so-eco-conscious Beijing.  To my dismay, I witnessed grown men that looked as though a stiff wind would break them, but that wasn’t the worst part.  I was astonished to hear the color commentators describing the sights around the smog city.  “And now, the pelaton approaches the beautiful, Tiananmen square” and “Just up ahead, is the tomb of national hero, Mao Zedong”. 

Give me a break.  I know the guys on the other end of my T.V. get paid to be vapid and kill as much time as possible, but complete whitewashing of communist atrocities is absurd.  I would rather they not even mention the ‘sights’, than to leave out the joys of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, or the millions that Mao starved through brilliant central planning, not to mention the idiot that inspired “The Little Red Book.”

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