Say It ain’t So Condi…

August 7, 2008

I suppose this sort of thing was inevitable.  I mean, you can’t ask someone to be an idealogue or toe the party line, especially as closing time draws nigh. 

I also think that she truly believes, as most of us do, that no matter which slick takes office in Jan, we’ll be ok.  Someone as familiar with the machine as Condi realizes that new administrations are very much beholden to the man that came before them.  Though Obama may try to put his on spin on things should he get elected, his course in the Middle East is fairly well set.


2 Responses to “Say It ain’t So Condi…”

  1. section9 Says:

    This thing was very much overblown by the In-the-tank-for-Obama press.

    Rice was being very much down the middle and polite, while emphasizing that she was a Republican. The Politico reporter had asked her a brain-dead question about being willing to run as Obama’s running mate.

    The U.S. will do fine whichever man takes office; that is, we will endure. It’s called damning with faint praise.

  2. […] refreshing that those no longer in the belly of the machine can speak with such clarity.  See Condi’s statements, […]

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