Great, NC has Crummy Bridges and Roads

August 5, 2008

Whodathunkit?  “According to a study by The Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank based in Los Angeles, the state ranks 48th in urban interstate congestion and 41st in deficient bridges. The state also ranked 29th for fatalities per miles driven.” 

I’ve honestly never really had any problems using NC’s interstates.  Of the two in my neck of the woods, I-77 and I-40, both move quickly, 77 especially.  Most days I’ve been able to go from 421 to Charlotte without ever passing law enforcement of any kind.  Which is good I guess.  People tend to fly under such circumstances.  40 can get congested at certain times around major holidays, especially around Asheville.  That section of road is heavily patrolled.  As far as the bridges go, we really don’t know whats good or not until it goes, so…


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