Filled With Confidence in McCain

August 2, 2008

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is playing up the youth factor in the presidential race.  Among my own circle of twenty-something’s, the lure of the The One is great.  For a generation weaned on Neo rescuing us from the Matrix, the idea that someone could come from the back of the pack and save us from our wretched lives is a powerful idea.  Of course, this Great Leader must be a clean break from Washington as we know it.


Its been said many times over the course of this campaign that Barack Obama is the same politician we’ve seen throughout this country’s history.  The guy that skillfully evades questions is the same guy that politicizes a war or attends a church for the sake of political expediency.  Oh, and this same old kind of politician cultivates friendships of dubious character.  But, no, I won’t beat that horse. 


And, while we’re at it, who needs to focus on stuff like voting records, or a lack of experience?  Let’s not worry about any of that.  Just accept your stimulus check and allow me to continue to blow sunshine up your ass.


None of that means anything when McCain won’t exploit these weaknesses though.  These celebrity ads are the best John’s been able to come up with, but everyone can still tell he’s grasping at straws.  Then there’s this from the Wall Street Journal.

How big is the gap between the party and young America? Enthusiastic turnout by American youth in the Democratic primaries is consistent with last summer’s New York Times/CBS News/MTV poll showing fewer than 40% of young Americans have a favorable view of the Republican Party, while almost 60% have a favorable view of the Democratic Party. According to Democracy Corps, the left-leaning strategy group founded by James Carville and pollster Stanley Greenberg, the 50-million strong cohort of Americans 18 to 31 is larger than the baby boom generation. By 2015, it will comprise one-third of the U.S. electorate.


Hey, that’s great!  So our liberal counterparts have all the makings of a facebook army and the Republicans have…a cd?




 I have on my desk a CD sent out this spring from the Republican House Policy Committee. Fat, 1970s lettering bears the title, “Freedom Songs.” The cover image of the CD package is a sepia-tone photo of Teddy Roosevelt.

Open it up and you are treated to photos of Warren G. Harding staring into the horn of a crank phonograph, Herbert Hoover listening to a wireless, and a glum-looking Calvin Coolidge simply glowering at a camera. In an accompanying letter, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan writes that the CD includes “riffs by Dr. Russell Kirk,” as well as “the pounding rhythm section of the Austrian School of Economics.”






It’s not the message, like so many say.  It’s the packaging.  Americans have always bought junk from overpriced Nikes to wickedly stupid SUV’s.  The McCain campaign had better wake up and realize that ours is the age of marketing. 

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