July 31, 2008

Simple, concise, no B.S.  These are my thoughts on this by Smitten Eagle.  It’s one thing to imitate the consumate professional among you.  Its a whole other ball game to live those ideals on a daily basis.  Words to live by:

  • Continual study
  • Gaining and maintaining the respect of your peers
  • Policing your peers, and working to fix their shortcomings
  • Developing the next generation of practitioners of the profession
  • Holding superiors accountable
  • Upholding the Oaths and ethics of the profession
  • Ensuring a favorable view of the profession by the public

HT-Glenn Anderson, who wrote a piece on the lack of professionalism by Miley Cyrus.  Now, I think its hard to hold a 15 year old pop singer to the same standard required of Marines, but its good to keep in mind, this is something we all must strive for.


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