Mountain Area Information Network is biased?

July 31, 2008

I’ve spent my fair share of time on college campuses, either as a student or visiting friends, in western North Carolina.  Appalachian, WCU, UNC-Asheville, Lenoir-Rhyne, and Queens University (I guess Charlotte is WNC), I’ve spent large amounts of time at all of them.  They’ve got their share of hippies and wannabe hippies, enough to make ME cringe (and that’s pretty hard).  But, today I stumbled upon MAIN, the Mountain Area Information Network.  Wow, I don’t know who they’re marketing to.  Maybe the guy who wigged out on acid in the ’60s and sees a conspiracy behind every tree..

Just this morning they’ve got a “culture war” piece about 9/11, The One “blasting” big oil, and a sad story about recruiters threatening high schoolers (where the newscasters sit in front of a television array that hints at the aforementioned acid trip).  I dunno, maybe I’m just not “enlightened” enough by the truth to understand this garbage.  Then again, maybe its just garbage…

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