1 on 1 with Mark DellaGrotte

July 31, 2008

Sherdog sits down with DellaGrotte.  The best part:

DellaGrotte: In my opinion, I think Kenny’s going to determine what type of fight he makes it. Kenny could run over Roger if he really wants to, or he could allow Roger to give Kenny a fight. I think Kenny’s ability to harness his energy and ability to control his aggression and not become emotionally attached to the fight — like Roger likes to fight — is going to give Kenny the technical advantage that he needs. If Roger is able to get in Kenny’s head and make him fight a sloppy, wild, Roger Huerta (Pictures)-style of fight, then obviously that type of fight fits Roger Huerta (Pictures). Kenny knows he not only needs to use his technical abilities, but he also needs to play a very mental game with Roger … make sure Roger doesn’t take him out of the element of his technical ability and turn him into a brawler. I know Roger’s going to try to do that, and that’s what we’re going to try to avoid in this fight.

Wow.  KenFlo is superior technically, which I think gives him the edge.  If it goes to the ground, Florian is dangerous.  But Huertas got SO much power.  The last thing Kenny wants to do is stand and bang with Roger because Huerta will draw him out and bury him.  This one’s gonna be close to call, but I say Florian picks up the decision.

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