Illegals in NC’s Community College System

July 29, 2008

If my understanding of the community college system here in NC is correct, each CC is partially subsidized by state tax dollars.  If illegal immigrants were paying out-of-state tuition, which is basically a crime anyway, I would not be opposed to their attending institutions in-state.  In fact, I would encourage it.  For anyone that actually want to attend an institution of higher learning, it seems unfair to tell them no, illegal or not.  More here.

One Response to “Illegals in NC’s Community College System”

  1. Illegals have no rights in our public schools or colleges, I don’t care what they pay. If American citizens would open their eyes and look around them, they’d see that illegal Mexican’s are not our only problem. N. C. is full of illegal Middle Easterner’s that mean us harm. Granted, the Mexican’s drink and do drugs, but the illegal Middle Easterner’s come here educated, many speaking several languages, they do their white collar crimes, to which our country is non the wiser, they smuggle cigarettes, launder the money in opening their own business, form corporations, many times using names not their own, and funnel the money back to terrorist groups that mean us harm. Wake up America, look around you….take action in making our government remove “all illegal’s” from our country, not just the Mexican’s.

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