Tennessee Bio-Fuels

July 26, 2008

250,000 gallons of cellulosic ethanol by December 2009 from Tennessee’s Innovation Valley.  Good.  Even better, this ethanol will come from NON FOOD biomass.


One Response to “Tennessee Bio-Fuels”

  1. RBM Says:

    Came here from Ed Cones.

    Energy is my priority interest. Suggest you read Robert Rapier and/or/both theoildrum on energy issues:

    “will come from NON FOOD biomass.”

    ‘Will’ as in the future. Rhymes with ‘still’ as in still waiting. Waiting for … $3 … $2 … $1 gas ??? I’m old enough to remember all those prices. Energy-wise, this country and most of the rest of the globe is behind the eight ball on this subject.

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