Tattoo Therapy

July 26, 2008

This is pretty deranged.  It’s not that I have anything at all against tattoos, but people who wear their pain on their sleeve, literally, is sad.  What does it say about someone who has to say “Look at me, look at me”?  I understand the need to grieve or whatever you wanna call it, after a breakup.  But all that passes.  You’re not gonna care in 6 weeks.  And you’re probably going to look at that breaking heart on your shoulder and realize how stupid it was to put something on your body that reflects a fleeting moment in time.


One Response to “Tattoo Therapy”

  1. punkrockdaddy Says:

    Interesting article, it begs the question though if getting a tattoo to quell some form of pain in ones life is the same as say “cutting” to have feel the same release of emotions?

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