Thoughts on Mandatory Community Service

July 23, 2008

As a young man myself, I suppose requiring me to perform good deeds around the community isn’t dastardly on the surface.  However, each year that passes, America takes a more cavalier approach to liberty.  Obviously, when you’re facing extinction as a people, a military draft is necessary to uphold your way of life, and sometimes your very existence as a nation.  However, that still doesn’t get around the fact that you’re putting an entire class of people into bondage for the greater good.  Is that really the path we want to go down as a people?  Forget the gigantic task of financing such a program, is placing a portion of your citizenry in servitude, no matter with lollipops and smiley-faces, ever a good idea save the most dire of circumstances??  Volokh has more here.


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