Cool Waters

July 23, 2008

Every summer in my youth was spent fishing, wading, and swimming the creeks, rivers, and lakes of our southern Appalachians.  My uncle and cousin used to pile in his old Bronco 2 and head over to the Nantahala river when they had the water turned off.  As kids, we could only wade it when they weren’t using it to generate electricity.  Our job was to go “treasure hunting”.  See, when the kayakers come through, with the water turned on, somebody always flips their float and loses everything they’ve got.  So, we would comb the waters, when the waters were off, looking for lost possessions.  Many times we found ziplocs filled with a couple hundred dollars.  We also found plenty of hats, sunglasses, and wallets, which we always tried to return.  Good stuff.  The Cherokee Scout has this good piece, too.


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