Rand Simberg on Apollo Analogies

July 20, 2008

Rand Simberg has this at PJM:

What we really need is not another Apollo, but to let the market work, and not distort it with political pork like ethanol tariffs and subsidies, and drilling bans. At current oil prices, there are a lot of incentives to find alternatives, and this is already happening about as quickly as it can be reasonably expected to. There’s an old saying that you can’t get a baby in a month by putting nine women on the job, but that’s essentially what proponents of an Apollo program for energy are proposing.

Deep stuff.  I’m going back and forth with myself on whether Obama and McCain both actually realize that shoveling massive amounts of public dollars at a problem may NOT actually be a panacea.  Alas, when truth is offered the pitchforks are brandished.


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